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Management of Software Development

We offer support in the area of software management.

Our project management work is mostly based on an agile software process as e.g. Scrum.  We can then act as product owners or as a scrum master.

To ensure a good running process - we use tools like Confluence and Jira. For the revision process - we mostly use Git and for the build process we use Maven or Gradle.

We also support the more old fashioned waterfall development process or sometimes a mix of the processes.   


Management of EU Projects

Another consultant area is EU founded projects. In this projects there are partners like institutans and universities. They are placed in several countries.

Vital Rural Area

Vital Rural Area is a European co-operation project (2009-2014) of 13 project partners from six North Sea countries on the reinforcement of rural areas. The central part of the project is formed by the Rural Power Pack, a general working method for sustainable regional development built up along a large number of best practice pilot cases. This Rural Power Pack offers an interactive toolbox to be applied in other regions throughout the E27.


Wet-Wind was one project in the area of education of wind energy technicians. It was a project as part of the EU founded programm lifelong learning. 


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