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Software Development

We can develop your software

Below you find short description of areas that we are working on.

For more details - please contact us. 

Frontend Software

We work in the area of development of software for native apps.  The coding area can be with e.g. Java Android Studio. We can also work with Eclipse.

We can use Android SDK, additional libraries e.g. OSMODRID or Google Maps for map related Apps. We can use databases like SQLite.

The development can also be done by a hybrid development platform e.g. like Xamarin and PhoneGap. Then the app can run on Apple or Android platform. 

We develop also frontend software for a browser client. Here we code in e.g. Angular, Java Script, HTML 5 and CSS. 

Backend Software

Oft, the app or the browser client need to connect to a backend. That are mostly, packets related, on the transport layer with REST or JSON . We develop the server software for the backend. It can be e.g. in Java on a Spring Boot or JavaEE platform or it can be on MS based platform with usage of C++, C#. 

Sometimes it is also requested, that the backend, shall be developed with PHP or a mix of platforms. That can be e.g. by usage of Microservices.

We mostly use Apache servers as Tomcat on Linux - oft with SQL or NoSQL based database.

Firebase, MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle. 

Embedded Software

We also work in the area of embedded software.

It can be related to projects in the area of Automotive.

We have very good knowledge in the area of mobile phones and can develop software for e.g. the protocol stack. 

Another area is the E-Mobility. We have good knowledge in connection E-Mobility platforms as e.g. Hubject.

Homepages with Content Management Systems

Oft is it good to use a CMS system for the web development. These systems are very fast up running and can easilly be close configured to the requirements.

We have good knowledge by installation and configuration of the systems Jooma and Wordpress. 



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